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Looking as good as you feel has never been more possible. The innovations in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery over the years have enabled women and men to look their very best at any age.

Dr Zibdeh works with his patient and keep reminding them of the known fact that no two individuals are the same. therefore, no single surgical technique is perfect to all cases and every case is thoroughly evaluated by Dr zibdeh to reach the best desired results .

Dr Zibdeh goal is to help patients feel better about their appearance, and to provide the best care before, during and following their procedure. Dr Zibdeh know that the decision to have a cosmetic procedure is an important and sometimes difficult one. To that end, Dr Zibdeh provide information, education and responsive care to insure his patients physical and emotional comfort in every step of the way


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Most Common Cosmetic Surgery


Breast augmentation


Tummy tuck


Non surgical Cosmetics


Fat filling


Reconstructive surgery

Maxillofacial fracture

Congenital anomalies

Burn surgery


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